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  • UPDATE: Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy – Listed at Best Buy

    Posted on October 15th, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    UPDATE: It’s real.  Best Buy is taking preorders.  Check it out for yourself, here.  Vinyl and CD being pre-ordered in various album covers.

    UPDATE #2 : It didn’t take long for this go from “definite” back into the “rumor” category. Best Buy has already removed the preorder link and replaced with a “Coming Soon” image.  NOTE, the release date is still listed as November 25.  I know what I will be asking for, for Kwanza this year.

    Release Date: 11/25/2008

    So, this is related to what we blog about here, since we talk lot’s about music for the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series’. Just perusing Google, I ran across a posting on the Guardian in the UK. Axl Rose has announced Chinese Democracy to be released in the U.S. on November 23. If you are anything like me, you just re-read that last sentence 3 times.

    Then you will go to your calendar and say, “wait, that’s a Sunday”. All music fans know that music release dates are always….ALWAYS on Tuesdays. It’s also to be a Best Buy exclusive. Wicked bizahhre, if you ask me.

    That said, let me go off on this for a minute. Some background for you. I have seen Guns N’ Roses live on both U.S. coasts (more than once on each coast). I saw them when Izzy was still in the band. I snuck into the Greater Western L.A. Forum and watched slash ride a BMX bike around the parking lot and Axl practice pre-show on stage…with no one but my friend and I in the audience. He was playing an acoustic and singing Dead Horse (long before Use Your Illusions was released). I waited in line for hours to buy Use Your Illusions on cassette when it came out in 1991. I saw the “new” Guns N’ Roses on their Chinese Democracy tour in Boston a couple years ago. In high-school, I played in a GNR cover band. You get the picture…obsessed fan, yes.

    Now, Chinese Democracy has been a bit of a joke in the music world, since every one in the band either quit or was fired, excepting Axl of course. He’s remade the band over and over, in the past 15 years…and still has not released an album since the cover album The Spaghetti Incident of 1993, expect for the Oh My God single on the End of Days soundtrack.

    Several newer recorded tracks have slipped onto the web, cable/internet radio stations, and occasional main-stream radio, but nothing officially released in many years. The song that made it into Rock Band 2 (Shackler’s Revenge), in a word, sucks. It’s a barely noticeable Axl and the band has none of the characteristics of what would be expected. Makes you not too excited for the supposed upcoming release.

    Though, I’ve seen some of the new stuff live and heard some of it…some will be good, in the like of Estranged or November Rain. Not sure what the more heavier stuff will be like. But, if Shackler’s and Oh My God are signs…then the heavy rocking of GNR ain’t gonna happen on Chinese Democracy.

    I will buy it day one. Doubt I will wait overnight in line, but I will (for the first time in 3 years) go to a store and buy the CD. Really looking forward to it, even though I am showing it little love here.

    It it really coming out? Is this total BS? Are pigs really going to fly? Will Slash team back up with Axl? Well, maybe a couple of those questions will never happen.


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