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  • Duran Duran on Rock Band 2

    Posted on August 7th, 2008 Shawn 3 comments

    Duran Duran ArenaEDITORIAL: This morning, as I drove in to work, I was listening to some music on my trusty Palm Treo. I had all songs playing in alphabetical order. When I got to the letter ‘H’, Hungry Like The Wolf from Duran Duran’s 1984 live Arena album came on. You may not know this, but along with Prince and Michael Jackson, Duran Duran rounded out my top three favorite bands in 1984 (of course that all changed in 1986 when the Beastie Boys arrived, and then again in 1987 with Guns N’ Roses, but I digress).

    As I drove down the road, singing every lyric to Hungry Like The Wolf, I started thinking….how the heck did this song make it into the final cut of songs on the Rock Band 2 disc? 1) It’s barely considered rock, 2) It’s hard to believe that most ‘rock’ fans like this song, 3) Most Rock Band players are likely so young that they’ve never heard it (or want to hear it).

    That said, as much as I think this song is out of place in the genre of ‘rock’, I cannot say how excited I am for this on Rock Band 2. It’s a great karaoke song (and I must admit that I sang this song at karaoke once or twice before, even at my wedding). So, now I’ve shown a bit of my age.

    What songs from Rock Band 2 are you looking forward to playing? Here’s the list: Rock Band 2 Song List


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    • Seeing as how I’m trying to avoid some work, here goes….

      AC/DC – “Let There Be Rock”
      AFI – “Girl’s Gone Grey”
      Alanis Morissette – “You Oughta Know”
      Bon Jovi – “Livin’ on a Prayer”
      Cheap Trick – “Hello There”
      Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
      Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”
      Journey – “Anyway You Want It”
      Kansas – “Carry On Wayward Son”
      Linkin Park – “One Step Closer”
      Lit – “My Own Worst Enemy”
      Motorhead – “Ace of Spades”
      Nirvana – “Drain You”
      Panic at the Disco – “Nine in the Afternoon”
      Pearl Jam – “Alive”
      Presidents of the USA – “Lump”
      Rage Against the Machine – “Testify”
      Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Give it Away”
      Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”
      System of a Down – “Chop Suey”
      The Offspring – “Come Out & Play (Keep ‘em Separated)”

      You know, I’m not a fan of this exercise anymore. I think I’m realizing I’m not that psyched for the RB2 setlist….I’m probably more excited for the new functionality and playing the songs I already have…interesting development.

    • How soon we forget. Aside from Van Halen, there were no big rock bands in the early 80’s. It seemed Rock was divided into three sub genres; Punk, New Wave and R+B (MJ). Hungry like the Wolf is the quintessential early 80’s rock song. Talking Heads(Burning down the House) sadly is considered Rock also. FYI; David Cook performed Hungry like the Wolf during Rocka nd Roll Hall of Fame week on Idol. Hungry Like the Wolf is one of the songs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Catalog.

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