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  • Treo 700p for Verizon 1.11 Update, not smooth

    Posted on August 21st, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Ok, so I ran the Treo 700p Updater for Verizon. You won’t be shocked to find out….I had problems. An hour is now gone, and I think hope that everything is ok. See my step-by-step details below. They are rough and quick, but just for you 700p users out there that might be updating. For everyone else, read the other posts….this is a boring one.

    700p Updater Steps

    1. Run backup or sync.
    2. Soft reset the phone (for me, used ChatterEmail to force a soft reset).
    3. Plugged in sync cable to laptop.
    4. Ran Desktop updater.
    6. On Treo selected “English”
    7. Used stylus to set screen
    8. Phone radio turned on automatically.
    9. Set time zone settings.
    10. Phone powered off automatically.
    11. Treo screen displayed “Updating Treo”.

    12. Desktop Updater started Copying Files

    13. Phone reset. Had to select language again.
    14. Had to do stylus tap again.
    15. Phone radio turned on automatically.
    16. Had to set time zone settings again.
    17. Phone automatically dialed my voice mail.
    18. I manually hung it up, then phone turned off.
    19. Treo screen displayed “Updating Treo”
    20. Desktop Updater continued with Executing Update
    21. My phone received a text message during the update. Why was the phone on???
    22. Phone automatically rebooted. Had to select language again.
    23. Had to do stylus tap again.
    24. Phone radio turned on automatically.
    25. Had to set time zone settings again.
    26. Desktop Installer displayed “Update Complete”. (This can’t be a good sign.)

    27. Phone Info screen on Treo displays correct updated version number “Treo700p-1.11-VZW”
    28. Ran *228, then 1 to program phone. “Unable to program phone” message. Directed to call support from a land line.
    29. Support asked me to remove battery. Done.
    30. Support running Verizon “soft reset” from their side.
    31. Support asked to replace battery. Done and powering on.
    32. Support asked me to type #*#000000#, then hit edit. Verified settings were accurate. Then hit save.
    33. Would not save due to no changes.
    34. Support checking on local tower issues.
    35. Tried *228, 2. It worked, phone is now provisioned, now have Verizon Wireless
    36. Tried *228, 1 again. Still getting “Unable to program phone” message.
    37. Support gave up, stating that since the phone is provisioned with option #2, it should be fine.

    Oh Palm, curse you again! Why can’t anything be easy with your updates?


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    • I just did my first HotSync since the ROM update. 20 minutes into the sync, AddIt was still synchronizing. Not frozen, still syncing. I canceled the sync on the Treo, and I’m still waiting for the cancel to complete. Ugh! This update is not making me happy.

      I’m will be very happy to be rid of this device and on to BlackBerry as soon as the Bold or Thunder can be released.

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